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$100,000 Net Profit 2018
Robert Anderson
Location: California
Notes: Starting working with Tim from Day 1. Currently about to sell his business for $600,000 and rinse and repeat the process.
$75k in Net Profit in Dec
Aria Sho
Location: Canada
Notes: Started working with Tim from Day 1. In the month of December alone of 2018, hit $75,000 in Net Profit.
$18,600 in first 30 days
Chase. F
Location: Washington
Notes: Started working with Tim from Day 1. Two products live and making over $5,000 per month Net Profit.
Sold his Amz Biz for $5m
Ken F
Location: Texas
Went from selling $40,000 per month to over $300,000 per month and eventually selling his Amazon business to rinse and repeat the process again.
Just hit $100,000 Per Month
Rick Fernandez
Location: Florida
Notes: Starting working with Tim when he had 2-3 products. Currently on pace for $1,000,000/yr and now has 18 products.
1st Product $2500/Net/Month
Joey Cee
Location: New Jersey
Notes: After taking 2 other Courses, one of which got him banned.  Joey is on track to easily do $50,000 Net Profit this year!
Changed from OA/RA to PL
Mike & Jenna
Location: Oregon
Notes: Starting working with Tim from Day 1. Switched from OA/RA biz model, and now crushing it in Private Label.
$95,000 in Sales per month!
Location:  Los Angeles  
Notes:  Aiden and his partner are heading towards $1 million per year in Sales.   The training has been key to their success
Best business decision of 2018
Location:  Romania
Notes: "After watching the Course, it was as if somebody opened my eyes.Tim's commitment to his Students is out of this world. "
$23,000 in past 30 Days
Notes: "By joining Tim's training program, you are not just taking a course. It will restructure your mindset and the change the way you see the business."
$10,000 Net Profit Per Month!
Location: Brazil
Notes: Wasted $800 trying to follow youtube videos and testing himself.  After watching the Course 3x through his conclusion "It is Amazing!"
Loves the Culture in VIP Group
Location:  Canada
Notes: Spent 4 months deciding on a Course.  Decided on the Private Label Masters Course and it has been the best decision he has made. 
2 Children and Selling
Location:  Texas
Notes: Went from 0-3 sales to  18 sales in the first month working with Tim.  All while having a family and working full time.  
Worked with Kanye West
James F
Location: New York
Notes:  Helped produce Kanye West Sunday Service Calabasas. 1 month in and is loving the training!
Blown away by the value
Joe R
Location: New York
Notes: Started working with Tim from Day 1. Currently a new Seller and is loving the training.
Quit his 9-5 job
Travis R.
Location: Indiana
Notes: Started in 2016.  But knew it was time to take his business to the next level and signed up to work with Tim.  His business has since exploded.
Loves the VIP Group
Location: Utah
Youtube had her lost.   With the Course she now has a product live and selling!
Sold out in his first month! 
Ray and his partner sold DOUBLE the amount of their competitors in their first month.  Competitors were selling 250 units per month, and they sold 500!  Checkout his video!
Works 14hrs AND sells on Amazon
Location: Australia
Notes:  Started working with Tim from day 1.  Confused by online info, but now is confident in the process going forward!
Blown away by the value
Luis M
Notes: Within the first month of working with Tim, his business has already seen a huge impact.
Having access to $1m Sellers
Tuong L
Location:  Chicago
Notes: Starting working with Tim after failing to find success on his own.    
Loves our Research Methods
Vinny L
Location:  Philadelphia 
Notes: Previously took a $5,000 Amazon Course and found Tim's training especially the Product Research section to be outstanding in comparison. 
Works 14hrs AND sells on Amazon
Param S
Location: Canada
Notes: Starting working with Tim from Day 1. Even though Param works 14 hours shifts, he is still able to have a successful product selling on Amazon.
Tim's who he wanted to Model
Oleg S
Location:  Canada
Notes: Starting working with Tim from Day 1. After watching countless amounts of others online decided Tim was who he wanted to Model his business after.  Now has a successful product and more on the way.
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